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DJ AM’s chops were sick.  This isn’t some EDM “DJ” hitting play on a mix CD that he built in Ableton and then pretending to turn the knobs.  This is a working DJ actively mixing a crazy breadth of older stuff into current pop tunes at a time that he was doing a $1M a year residency in Vegas to play 1 night a week.

Check out 9:15 in the first set - syncing the chorus of My Humps and Humpty Dance for a few seconds as a musical joke, then 30 seconds later crossfading In Jay Z’s PSA with a dead on sync on DU’s “Allow me to introduce myself” line with Jay Z’s “Allow me to reintroduce myself”  His sets are just FULL of that kind of thing, all done live.  Ridiculous.

'Together', a collaboration between Sam Smith, Nile Rodgers, Disclosure and Jimmy Napes.  Sounds like a song from an alternate past where Prince worked on a Chic comeback album in 1980.

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